MEDIRAD: Publications

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Title Date File
Automatic Tube Current Modulation and Tube Voltage Selection in Pediatric Computed Tomography: A Phantom Study on Radiation Dose and Image Quality 17/12/2018 Download file
Early Detection of Cardiovascular Changes After Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer: Protocol for a European Multicenter Prospective Cohort Study (MEDIRAD EARLY-HEART Study) 08/10/2018 Download file
Does deep inspiration breath-hold prolong life? Individual risk estimates of ischaemic heart disease after breast cancer radiotherapy 07/08/2018 Download file
MEDIRAD project “implications of medical low-dose radiation exposure”: Enhancing the protection of patients and health professionals from exposure to low-dose medical radiation 13/11/2019 Download file
Compartmental Model for 223Ra-Dichloride in Patients With Metastatic Bone Disease From Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer 13/11/2019 Download file
Biological effects of thoracic irradiation with low to moderate daily doses on rat lung (Thesis; not open access) 22/11/2019
Radio-biologically motivated modeling of radiation risks of mortality from ischemic heart diseases in the Canadian fluoroscopy cohort study (under embargo) 28/11/2019
Standardised quantitative radioiodine SPECT/CT Imaging for multicentre dosimetry trials in molecular radiotherapy 19/12/2019 Download file
Risk for cardiovascular events responds nonlinearly to carotid intima-media thickness in the KORA F4 study (under embargo) 01/03/2020
OpenDose: open access resources for nuclear medicine dosimetry 13/03/2020 Download file
A hybrid reporting platform for extended RadLex coding combining structured reporting templates and natural language processing (not open access) 21/04/2020
A multicentric IT platform for storage and sharing of imaging-based radiation dosimetric data (not open access) 02/05/2020
Longitudinal atherosclerotic changes after radio(chemo)therapy of hypopharyngeal carcinoma 07/05/2020 Download file
Evaluation of an organ-based tube current modulation tool in pediatric CT examinations 20/05/2020 Download file
When Stiffness Matters: Mechanosensing in Heart Development and Disease 25/05/2020 Download file
Building an artificial cardiac microenvironment: a focus on the extracellular matrix 04/09/2020 Download file
Setting up a quantitative SPECT imaging network for a European multi-centre dosimetry study of radioiodine treatment for thyroid cancer as part of the MEDIRAD project 08/10/2020 Download file
Efficacy of MAVIG X-Ray Protective Drapes in Reducing Operator Radiation Dose in the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory – A Randomized Controlled Trial (not open access) 30/10/2020
Comparison of commercial dosimetric software platforms in patients treated with 177Lu-DOTATATE for peptide receptor radionuclide therapy 13/10/2020 Download file
Ionizing radiation-induced circulatory and metabolic diseases 03/11/2020 Download file
Radiation-induced cardiovascular disease: an overlooked role for DNA methylation? 31/01/2021 Download file
Validation of the MC-GPU Monte Carlo code against the PENELOPE/penEasy code system and benchmarking against experimental conditions for interventional radiology and cardiology (not open access) 14/02/2021
ViewDEX 3.0 – recent development of a software application facilitating assessment of image quality and observer performance 04/03/2021 Download file
Penalized estimation of the Gaussian graphical model from data with replicates 21/04/2021 Download file
Simulating the dynamics of atherosclerosis and the incidence of myocardial infarction observed in the KORA population 21/05/2021 Download file
MEDIRAD formulation of science-based recommendations for medical radiation protection: a stakeholder forum survey 01/11/2021 Download file
Adjustment of the iodine ICRP population pharmacokinetic model for the use in thyroid cancer patients after thyroidectomy 11/11/2021 Download file
DNA damage and repair in peripheral blood mononuclear cells after internal ex vivo irradiation of patient blood with 131 13/11/2021 Download file
Cancer Effects of Low to Moderate Doses of Ionizing Radiation in Young People with Cancer-Predisposing Conditions: A Systematic Review 19/08/2022 Download file
A systematic review and meta-analysis on the radiation dose of computed tomography in hybrid nuclear medicine imaging 25/05/2023 Download file