The EIBIR Team

We are a professional team with significant experience in the field of biomedical imaging research funding, leveraging our deep knowledge of the European Commission requirements and European research landscape for your benefit.

Peter Baierl

Managing Director

Peter Baierl began his education in retail clerkship and textile commerce, before joining the Vienna Academy of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research, an institution for medical congress organisation. During his employment there he was introduced to the former European Congress of Radiology, which was then looking to settle in a city.

Together with Professor Josef Lissner and others, Peter helped bring the congress, and the association behind it, permanently to Vienna. In 1992, Peter was appointed to take over the executive management duties, and is now the Executive Director of the European Society of Radiology (ESR). In 2006, Peter also became the Managing Director of EIBIR.

Monika Hierath

Executive Manager

Monika Hierath has more than a decade of experience in coordinating and managing international projects and recruiting organisations for consortia of excellence (FP6, FP7, Horizon 2020, COST, EC tender projects). She is in charge of running the EIBIR team, working closely with the EIBIR Scientific Director and all bodies of the organisation at strategic and operational levels.

She has contributed to the establishment of EIBIR and coordinated a pan-European data collection effort of biomedical imaging research expertise. Among the numerous projects coordinated and managed under her supervision, she has coordinated the project management team of the FP7 ENCITE project with 29 beneficiaries and a budget of €12 million, the H2020 MEDIRAD project with 33 beneficiaries and a budget of €10 million, and she has been the co-leader of the communication and dissemination work package of the Euro-BioImaging preparatory phase project, an ESFRI roadmap project on imaging research infrastructure. In addition she has had a supervisory or leading role within the EIBIR team in all projects of EIBIR.

Apart from her role within EIBIR, Monika Hierath heads the European Society of Radiology (ESR) department of European and International Affairs since 2007, acts as an international relations advisor to the International Society of Radiology (ISR) and manager of the International Society for Strategic Studies in Radiology (IS3R), which has allowed her to build a considerable network of contacts to political stakeholders, related professional organisations, patient organisations, as well as medical industry at the European and international level.

Given her role, she also acts as a liaison to the leadership of the European Society of Radiology.

Email Monika, or phone 43-1-533-4064-20

Pamela Zolda

Project Manager

Pamela Zolda holds a PhD in Biology from the University of Vienna, Austria, where she worked as Assistant Professor and, apart from her scientific work and education, managed research projects on a national and international level. In June 2009, she joined the EIBIR team as Project Manager of the Euro-BioImaging infrastructure project, in which she is still involved.

She has over 10 years of experience in preparing and managing research and infrastructure projects and dissemination activities. She has successfully prepared and managed a number of FP7 research projects (VPH-PRISM, MITIGATE), led the dissemination activities therein and is part of the management of the Euro-BioImaging project.

Currently, Pamela is EIBIR’s senior partner in three H2020 projects (HYPMED, LUCA, SOLUS) and member of the CommHere (Communicating European Health Research) and RAMIRI (Realising and Managing International Research Infrastructures) networks.

Pamela Zolda also acts as the EIBIR representative at various high-level stakeholder meetings at political and scientific level.

Email Pamela, or phone +43-1-533-4064-538

Peter Gordebeke

Project Manager

Peter graduated with a Master’s degree in Medical Biology from Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands. He has experience in small-RNA research in academic settings and spent time in the pharmaceutical industry establishing new molecular testing methods and validation of critical equipment.

In June 2014, Peter joined the EIBIR team as a Project Manager. Since joining EIBIR, Peter has been involved in the management of dissemination and exploitation of the MITIGATE project, and leads the project management and dissemination efforts of the SOLUS and CoSTREAM projects. Additionally, he supports the SPECIFIC and MIPA clinical studies.

Peter has set up and manages the EIBIR Electronic Data Capture platform for collection and management of clinical study data.

Email Peter or phone +43-1-533-4064-323

Katharina Krischak

Project Manager

Katharina Krischak graduated with MAs in English and German Philology and in Celtic Studies from the University of Vienna. With past experience working at the European Commission in Brussels and the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, she joined the EIBIR Team in August 2014.

She currently serves as project manager on the Horizon 2020 projects LUCA and GLINT and is involved in the management of the MIPA Study on preoperative breast MRI in clinical practice.

Email Katharina, or phone +43-1-533-4064-13

Florian Moeller

Project Manager

Florian Moeller graduated with a MSc degree in Environmental Science and Engineering at Oregon Health & Sciences University, in Portland, Oregon, and is currently finalising his doctoral studies in biology at the University of Vienna, Austria, where he was a fellow in a Marie Curie Initial Training Network. He has over 10 years’ research experience in molecular biology, microbiology, and biogeochemistry. As part of his research background, he has designed, organised, and administered multiple scientific research projects in various interdisciplinary settings. In addition, he has experience presenting and publishing scientific research in international settings and conferences.

He joined the EIBIR team in May 2019 as a Project Manager and is involved in the coordination and management of H2020 projects (MEDIRAD), including the support of the EIBIR network in defining new projects and applying for European funding schemes (e.g. under H2020).