Our Scientific Advisory Board

Representing a variety of disciplines in imaging research, our Scientific Advisory Board is the scientific operational body responsible for defining our long-term scientific strategies. The SAB advises us in all scientific matters and plays a key role in the preparation of funding proposals and the implementation of EU-funded projects.

The Scientific Advisory Board advises us in all scientific matters

It is chaired by EIBIR’s Scientific Director, Professor Gabriel Krestin (Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, Netherlands).

Currently, the SAB has 33 distinguished members from various fields of expertise.

Shareholder representatives

  • Christophe Deroose, Belgium (EORTC)
  • Casper Garos, Netherlands (COCIR)
  • Karen Knapp, United Kingdom (EFRS)
  • Kostas Koutsogiannis, Greece (EFOMP)
  • Michael Lassmann, Germany (EANM)
  • Michael Neumaier, Germany (EFLM)
  • Philippe Pereira, Germany (CIRSE)
  • Daniel Pinto dos Santos, Germany (EuSOMII)
  • Karen Rosendahl, Norway (ESPR, Paediatric Radiology)
  • Marion Smits, Netherlands (ESR)
  • Andrew Webb, Netherlands (ESMRMB)

Joint Initiative Directors

  • Silvio Aime, Italy (Preclinical Imaging)
  • Christoph Hoeschen, Germany (EURAMED)
  • Michal Neeman, Israel (Preclinical Imaging)
  • Wiro Niessen, Netherlands (AI for Medical Imaging)
  • Francesco Sardanelli, Italy (EuroAIM)
  • Aad van der Lugt, Netherlands (EIBALL)

Regular members

  • Fabian Bamberg, Germany
  • Regina Beets-Tan, Netherlands
  • Magnus Båth, Sweden
  • Linda Chaabane, Italy
  • Clemens Cyran, Germany
  • Nandita de Souza, United Kingdom
  • Ferdia Gallagher, United Kingdom
  • Horst Hahn, Germany

  • Georg Langs, Austria
  • Luis Marti-Bonmati, Spain
  • Konstantin Nikolaou, Germany
  • Anders Persson, Sweden
  • Antonio Pifferi, Italy
  • Steven Sourbron, United Kingdom
  • Irene Virgolini, Austria

The members of the Scientific Advisory Board are appointed by a Shareholders’ resolution by simple majority, and they also decide on the duration of the appointment. One or more re-elections are possible. To be appointed to the Scientific Advisory Board representatives must have a science and research background with specific experience in the field of biomedical imaging.