Our Scientific Advisory Board

Representing a variety of disciplines in imaging research, our Scientific Advisory Board is the scientific operational body responsible for defining our long-term scientific strategies. The SAB advises us in all scientific matters and plays a key role in the preparation of funding proposals and the implementation of EU-funded projects.

The Scientific Advisory Board advises us in all scientific matters

It is chaired by EIBIR’s Scientific Director, Professor Regina Beets-Tan (Netherland Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands).

Currently, the SAB has 34 distinguished members from various fields of expertise.

Shareholder representatives

  • Patricia Figueiredo, Portugal (ESMRMB)
  • Perry Frederick, France (COCIR)
  • Frédéric Lecouvet, Belgium (EORTC)
  • Karen Knapp, United Kingdom (EFRS)
  • Michel Koole, Belgium (EANM)
  • Dimitris Visvikis, France (EFOMP)
  • Philippe Pereira, Germany (CIRSE)
  • Maria Argyropoulou, Greece (ESPR, Paediatric Radiology)
  • Marion Smits, Netherlands (ESR)
  • Peter van Ooijen, Netherlands (EuSoMII)

Joint Initiative Directors

  • Amnon Bar-Shir, Israel (Preclinical Imaging)
  • Simonetta Geninatti Crich, Italy (Preclinical Imaging)
  • Christoph Hoeschen, Germany (EURAMED)
  • Georg Langs, Austria (AI for Medical Imaging)
  • Francesco Sardanelli, Italy (EuroAIM)
  • Aad van der Lugt, Netherlands (EIBALL)

Regular members

  • Fabian Bamberg, Germany
  • Magnus Båth, Sweden
  • Regina Beets-Tan, Netherlands
  • Linda Chaabane, Italy
  • Clemens Cyran, Germany
  • Nandita de Souza, United Kingdom
  • Ferdia Gallagher, United Kingdom
  • Horst Hahn, Germany
  • Karim Lekadir, Spain

  • Luis Martí Bonmatí, Spain
  • Konstantin Nikolaou, Germany
  • Anders Persson, Sweden
  • Antonio Pifferi, Italy
  • Ivo Schoots, Netherlands
  • Steven Sourbron, United Kingdom
  • Daniel Truhn, Germany
  • Irene Virgolini, Austria
  • Derya Yakar, Netherlands

The members of the Scientific Advisory Board are appointed by a Shareholders’ resolution by simple majority, and they also decide on the duration of the appointment. One or more re-elections are possible. To be appointed to the Scientific Advisory Board representatives must have a science and research background with specific experience in the field of biomedical imaging.