Our Services

When it comes to realising your idea for a collaborative project and coordinating your international projects, EIBIR’s experienced team can offer you professional guidance and support through a wide variety of different research-related services. If you are looking for support with your proposal preparation, finding the right consortium partners, or managing your project, EIBIR can help you.

Proposal writing

Based on our excellent track-record and strong track record in supporting international research consortia, we help you
to highlight your idea’s strength and potential impact in accordance with the relevant evaluation criteria.

  • Coordination of proposal writing
  • Project planning and design
  • Critical review of crucial proposal sections
  • Draft writing for specific sections, i.e. management, dissemination, impact, risk analysis, ethics
  • Support in the planning of clinical trials and data management (if applicable)

Project management and coordination

Navigating the rules and regulations of Horizon 2020 while simultaneously carrying out innovative, first-rate research with
partners from across Europe can be challenging.

By providing non-scientific coordination and management services as a full partner of your consortium, we relieve you of
the administrative burden, allowing you to focus on the scientific aspects, ensuring the best possible outcome for your

  • Monitoring of all project activities, deliverables and deadlines
  • Quality, knowledge and risk management
  • Development and implementation of standards and processes
  • Preparation of reports and collection of data about project progress
  • Full administrative support (financial reports, legal agreements, amendments, etc.)
  • Helpdesk services for administrative issues (clarifications, problem solving, technical support)
  • Interface to the European Commission and accountancy offices of consortium partners
  • Professional project documentation

Dissemination and communication

A large part of any international research project is good internal and external communication. We can facilitate good internal communication by organising meetings (electronic or face-to-face) and through our project-specific collaborative online platform.

For external communication purposes we can develop a project-related visual identity and online presence, including frequent news updates to engage with various target audiences and a strong representation in social media.

More importantly, we assist in defining a well-structured, comprehensive and effective communication strategy. Such a strategy will plan all dissemination activities and ensure that the audience is listening and engaged.

We also offer effective dissemination activities and exploitation support to maximise the impact of research projects. Our experience will increase your project’s visibility and reach. We have an established, extensive network for dissemination. Through the broad landscape of our Network Partners, shareholder organisations, including the European Society of Radiology, joint initiatives, industry partners and media contacts, your research will be widely and rapidly communicated.

  • Establishment of a dissemination and communication concept
  • Continuous communication with funding agencies and project partners
  • Set-up and maintenance of project websites
  • Organisation of internal and external project meetings and events
  • Identification of external target groups, stakeholders and media
  • Elaboration of a project corporate identity concept (e.g. logo design)
  • Production and design of communication and marketing material and project films
  • Coordination with related research projects and initiatives

Electronic data capture platform

The EIBIR EDC uses the REDCap software package to facilitate the collection and management of study data. It can collect almost any type of research data, from numerical values or text to DICOM images. REDCap offers an easy-to-use and secure method of flexible yet robust data collection.

We can support you in setting up and maintaining your research study, and provide support for (new) users. Furthermore, EIBIR can monitor data entry ensuring required data is submitted on time. Reports can be periodically exported in the format best suited for further analysis by the principal investigators. EIBIR does not perform any data analyses.

We can also support communication within the study, and distribute internal information, reports or ideas for analysis of the data. Dissemination of results is also an aspect in which EIBIR can assist.

Joint initiatives

EIBIR currently supports eight Joint Initiatives which represent interdisciplinary groups working towards a common
bioimaging-focused research goal.

Specific activities within the Joint Initiatives include the initiation and coordination of collaborative research efforts,
organisation of workshops and symposia, training and education of young scientists through exchange programmes and
summer schools, and sharing of state-of-the art equipment.

Participate in EIBIR’s interdisciplinary groups that work towards a biomedical imaging research goal or start a new joint initiative related to your field.

  • AI for medical imaging
  • Preclinical Imaging
  • European Network for the Assessment of Imaging in Medicine (EuroAIM)
  • Medical Radiation Protection Research (EURAMED)
  • European Imaging Biomarker Alliance (EIBALL)
  • Paediatric Radiology

Overview of Service Packages

There are three service packages available offering a range of services according to the varying financial commitment.

Service packages are institutional, meaning that all departments from your organisation can benefit from our support and services.

  • Active service package – €1000 per year
  • Regular service package – €200 per year
  • Associate service package – €100 per year
Active Regular Associate

EIBIR Proposal Preparation Support – full service*

Have our experienced team coordinate preparation of your proposals

EIBIR Proposal Preparation Support – first stage only

Have our experienced team coordinate preparation of the first stage of your two-stage your proposal

EIBIR Network Consortium Building

Need specific scientific expertise for your project? We can help you find the right partners via our extensive network which spans across Europe and various disciplines

EIBIR Data Capture Platform

The EIBIR Electronic Data Capture Platform can be used to collect and manage almost any type of digital data that is part of your biomedical research — from numerical values or text, to DICOM images

EIBIR Joint Initiatives

Participate in EIBIR’s interdisciplinary groups that work towards a biomedical imaging research goal or start a new joint initiative related to your field

EIBIR Scientific Advisory Board

Have your institution represented on our Scientific Advisory Board and help shape the future of biomedical imaging research (Candidates are subject to approval procedure by the current Scientific Advisory Board before)

EIBIR Dissemination Support

Send us updates and news from your research and we’ll share it via our online and social media channels

EIBIR Members Bulletin

Quarterly updates on expected funding calls to give you a head start on your proposal preparation

EIBIR Network Database

Search our database of member institutions to find new research partners

Please note that proposal preparation support is conditional on the approval of EIBIR’s SAB, and on the opportunity for EIBIR to become an active participant in the project if successfully funded.
Please note that EIBIR cannot guarantee that every update or news item sent to it can be published via its dissemination & communciation channels.

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SCANX Medical Imaging

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Escola Superior de Tecnologia da Saúde de Coimbra

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Instituto de Engenharia Biomédica

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ICFO - The Institute of Photonic Sciences

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HemoPhotonics S.L.

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