HyperProbe, financed under the Horizon Europe Framework Program, implements a device which will: provide real-time brain tissue images; resolve with high specificity and sensitivity brain tissue cellular and molecular biomarkers; implement AI and ML approaches for data analysis and image reconstruction for a variety of purposes; and be a compact instrument allowing surgeons to easily use it, read the data it provides and integrate it with existing instrumentation. Neuronavigation in the surgical management of brain tumours remains a significant challenge, due to the inability to maintain accurate spatial information of lesioned and non-lesioned locations intraoperatively. We aim to answer this challenge by developing an innovative, all-optical intraoperative imaging system.

The project consortium consists of a broad partnership, combining universities, SMEs, clinics and research organisations to provide all the necessary data, expertise and inputs for the success of this project.

We will validate the developed capacity in phantoms, in vivo against gold standard modalities in neuronavigational imaging, and finally provide proof of principle during brain tumour surgery. HyperProbe aims at providing functional and structural information on biomarkers of interest that is currently missing during neuro-oncological interventions.

To keep up-to-date with the latest project developments follow HyperProbe on Twitter, and visit the project https://hyperprobe.eu.

Facts and figures

Coordinator: Universita Degli Studi Di Firenze (UNIFI)
Number of Partners: 8
Start Date: October 1, 2022
End Date: September 31, 2027
Total Funding: € 3 548 325.00

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