We published our first Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) for biomedical imaging in September 2018

The agenda identifies current challenges and needs in healthcare and illustrates how biomedical imaging and derived data can help to address these challenges in the coming years.

Read our Strategic Research Agenda for Biomedical Imaging

The challenges addressed by the SRA include

  • Meeting the healthcare demands of Europe‚Äôs population
  • Developing new disease-specific, targeted, and image-guided therapies
  • Contributing to a healthy start
  • Providing assessment of lifestyle and environmental impact factors on health
  • Making Europe the world leader in machine learning and artificial intelligence

In particular, the agenda addresses the current paradigm shift in medicine, which has moved from reactive to proactive approaches by providing predictive, preventive, and personalised solutions for individual patients. It highlights the growing impact of personalised medicine on patients and its ability to address the challenges of ineffective treatment and rising costs.

The SRA also focusses on the growing importance of big data, artificial intelligence, and innovative imaging technologies, emphasising the role of biomedical imaging as a forerunner in the digital transformation of healthcare and as a leading discipline in terms of the adoption of innovative solutions like deep learning.

The SRA is aimed at informing policymakers and funding authorities about key areas of research in biomedical imaging while also highlighting hot topics to consider in future funding programmes. It was developed by the EIBIR office and Scientific Advisory Board, in collaboration with its eleven shareholder organisations, representing scientific societies related to biomedical imaging.