The SIMPLERAD project, conducted by a consortium of EIBIR, EANM Forschungs GmbH, and EFOMP, is a SAMIRA study on the implementation of the Euratom and the EU legal bases with respect to the therapeutic uses of radiopharmaceuticals. Since May 2022, the consortium has synthesised collected information and formulated a guidance document aiming for coherent implementation of the European legal requirements with respect to therapeutic nuclear medicine. Relevant interested professionals from European and national authorities, competent authorities, nuclear medicine, clinical communities, patient organisations, radiopharmaceutical industry, etc., are invited to attend and discuss the consortium’s achievements and draft guidelines.

More information, including an up-to-date programme, can be found on the project website. Formal invitations will soon be sent to target groups, but inquiries can be made to Nathan D. Peld of the EIBIR office.