Euro-BioImaging is seeking to recruit excellent candidates for its Directorate positions.

Euro-BioImaging is the European landmark research infrastructure for biological and biomedical imaging technologies as recognised by the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI). Through Euro-BioImaging, life scientists can access cutting-edge imaging instruments, expertise, training opportunities and image data services that they might not find at their home institutions or among their collaboration partners. Euro-BioImaging is structured as a distributed hub, which consists of Finland as the statutory seat, Italy as the medical imaging coordinator (Med-Hub) and EMBL as the biological imaging coordinator and host of the data services (Bio-Hub).

The Directorate of Euro-BioImaging is composed of the Director General, the Section Director of the Med-Hub and the Section Director of the Bio-Hub. The role of the Directorate is to both provide advice to, and implement the decisions of, the Euro- BioImaging Board. In addition, the Directorate will be responsible for: the day-to-day management of the Organisation, promoting the research infrastructure nationally and internationally, ensuring the coordinated provision of access, services and training to state- of-the-art imaging technologies for all life scientists in Europe and beyond and finally, to foster liaison and cooperation across the broad bioimaging communities.

This is an exciting leadership opportunity to form the foundation senior management team as fulltime employees to further build, develop and coordinate the recently established Euro-BioImaging ERIC. The mission of this new research infrastructure is to provide the European research community, collaborative partners and industry with world class imaging services that bridge biological and biomedical imaging and enable innovative and world- class research. Whatever the scale of imaging, Euro-BioImaging provides the tools and support to explore and answer research questions.

Expressions of interest are therefore invited for the following roles:
– Director General (Statutory seat, Turku, Finland)
– Section Director (Med-Hub, CNR, Turin, Italy)
– Section Director (Bio-Hub and Data Services, EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany)

More information and details on the application procedure is available here.