The EUCAIM Consortium is thrilled to announce the launch of its open call, inviting new beneficiaries to join the EUCAIM consortium. This call is geared towards incorporating new data into the EUCAIM platform and training, benchmarking, and validating AI algorithms for cancer imaging.

The objectives of the EUCAIM open call are:

    • to onboard new cancer image data holders, enhancing the platform’s geographic dimensions, data modalities, and cancer targets;
    • to include reliable AI algorithms trained on the repository’s cancer image data.

To achieve these objectives, new beneficiaries will implement data incorporation, scientific, and/or clinical use cases. These use cases play a pivotal role in outlining technical, ethical, and legal steps, ultimately improving clinical outcomes and patient care.

The following use cases are accepted for this call:

    • Incorporation of large amounts of cancer imaging data into the Cancer Image Europe platform for further re-use, which can be leveraged to address relevant clinical questions (either into the central repository or through the federation of local repositories)
    • Development, training, benchmarking and/or validation of AI algorithms
    • Clinical use cases addressing a specific question (e.g. identification of imaging biomarkers)

The prospective implementation duration for applicants is expected to be between 18-24 months, with a total maximum budget of 3,852,000 EUR (1,926,000 EUR EC contribution).

Deadline for submission is June 10th, 2024. Interested parties are encouraged to visit for further details on the open call. If you wish to apply, this is the link for the application form:

Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute to advance cancer research and innovation!