We would like to inform you that the European Commission has launched an open stakeholder consultation on the Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL), as part of the programme mid-term evaluation.

The consultation seeks to gain insights into the needs of stakeholders related to the digital transformation, DIGITAL’s benefits and possible improvements. As such, it will gather diverse perspectives on how relevant the objectives of the programme are to the digital transformation of European companies and the public sector, how the programme responds to current and future technological trends, the perceived coherence with other EU or national/local funding the expected impact. Participation is expected from all types of stakeholders, from small and medium-sized enterprises to non-governmental organisations, academia, social partners, public authorities, and other public and private organisations and citizens from EU Member States and associated countries.

The replies to the consultation questionnaire and all feedback received will help guide the design of future initiatives and inform reflections on the potential for simplification and burden reduction within the Digital Europe programme. The Commission will then publish a summary report of the consultation findings and the replies from stakeholders.

We invite you to contribute to the mid-term evaluation of DIGITAL by providing your feedback and participating to the public consultation. The links to feedback and to consultation questionnaire are also available in Have your Say (europa.eu).

The consultation is open until September 20th, 2024.

For further information, read the European Commission’s press release.