The European Cancer Imaging Initiative (EUCAIM) has released an informative explainer video that delves into the heart of the project. The video, tailored for both lay audiences and professionals in the health area, provides a concise yet comprehensive overview of EUCAIM’s goals and the transformative changes they aim to bring to the world of cancer research and care. It’s a glimpse into the exciting journey the project is embarking on to create a collaborative ecosystem where clinicians, researchers, innovators can work hand-in-hand to accelerate the development of innovative solutions for cancer care.

Along with the video, EUCAIM also proudly announced by the end of September, the first platform release. This milestone is a crucial step in the project’s mission to revolutionize cancer research. Experience the platform firsthand via our website:

Watch the video now and learn more about EUCAIM’s mission to reshape the future of cancer research!