MEDIRAD: Public deliverables and milestones

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Title Date File
D1.2 Project Website and Visual Identity 29/09/2017
D2.1 Implementation of the Prototype of the Central DICOM Repository 13/11/2019
D2.2 Implementation and Testing of the RDF Repository 28/05/2018
D2.3 Report on System Integration and Publication of the Basic User Guidelines 13/11/2019
D2.4 Catalogue with Codes Relevant for MEDIRAD Project 13/11/2019
D2.7 Six-Segmented Thorax Phantoms 04/06/2020
D2.7 Six-Segmented Thorax Phantoms – Attachments 04/06/2020
D2.8 Report on the Current Use of Multi-Modality Systems in Nuclear Medicine 13/11/2019
D2.9 Comprehensive Reporting Templates and Pilot System for SR Reporting 29/05/2019
D2.10 European DRLs for Specific Applications of CT in Multi-Modality Systems 11/03/2020
D2.11 Midterm Recruitment Report for Radiopharmaceutical Dosimetry Study 13/01/2021
D2.12 Correlation Analysis between Objective and Subjective Image Quality in Chest CT Patient Parameter and Indication Dependent 01/09/2020
D2.14 Report on a) the Organ Dose Data Representation and b) Collected Organ Doses 29/05/2020
D2.15 Organ Dose Conversion Coefficients for the Estimation of Patient Doses from CT for Attenuation Correction and Anatomic Localization in Multi- Modality Imaging 31/10/2021
D2.16 Report on Status of Posting Results in the Study Registry(s) for WP2 31/10/2021
D2.17 Update of Administered Activity-to-Organ-Dose Conversion Factors for Two Commonly Used Radiopharmaceuticals 02/02/2022
D2.19 Report on Effectiveness of Protective Devices for Staff in Interventional Procedures 08/01/2021
D2.21 Software Tool (CT- IQURAD) Module on Image Quality 31/10/2021
D2.22 Software Tool (CT-IQURAD) Module on Radiation Dose 02/06/2021
D2.23 Accelerated Monte Carlo Code for an Online Patient Monitoring System in Interventional Cardiology Procedures 02/06/2021
D3.1 Imaging and Data Collection Study Protocols 30/11/2017
D3.2 Report on Validation of Centres for Imaging Network 01/06/2018
D3.3 Dosimetry Protocol and Software 30/05/2018
D3.6 Midterm Recruitment Report 10/11/2020
D3.7 Biokinetic Model for Treatment Planning 26/03/2021
D3.8 Guidelines and Recommendations for Quantitative I-131 Imaging and Dosimetry 26/03/2021
D3.9 Report on the Use of the DNA Damage Assay to Determine Radiosensitivity In Patients 30/09/2021
D3.10 Protocol for a Large Scale Epidemiological Study 15/02/2022
D3.11 Report on Status of Posting Results in the Study Registry(s) for WP3 18/02/2022
D5.3 Midterm Recruitment Report. Recruitment Applies Only to the Nested Case Control Study 02/12/2019
D5.5 Report on Estimated Doses for the Case-Control Study Subjects 06/05/2021
D5.6 Report on Results of Dose-Response Analyses from Case-Control Study 18/01/2022
D5.8 Report on Results of the Analysis Mirna And Lncrna 20/12/2021
D6.1 First Stakeholder Board Annual Report 28/05/2018
D6.2 Report on the Stakeholder Forum 28/05/2018
D6.3 Second Stakeholder Board Annual Report 13/11/2019
D6.4 Third Stakeholder Board Annual Report 22/12/2020
MS15 Establishment of Expert Groups, Definition of Clinical Indications for Chest CT, Decision on Clinical Image Quality Criteria and Readout Working Procedures 10/07/2018