i-Violin – Objectives

(1) To implement a standardised way of optimisation in oncological imaging approaches in clinical practice by adapting and deploying tools for quantifiable image quality assessment as well as by validating commercially available software solutions for patient dose determination in imaging procedures, using the output of the MEDIRAD and other EC-funded projects

(2) To implement such tools and the proposed optimised procedures in (university) hospitals throughout Europe that are members of the i-Violin consortium,

(3) To disseminate these tools and optimised procedures to interested hospitals and healthcare providers in Europe to contribute towards a harmonised and standardised oncological imaging approach.

(4) To provide a suitable education and training programme for radiologists, radiographers and medical physicists to be able to use the harmonisation tools.

(5) To disseminate the results to policymakers, the medical societies and other relevant stakeholders to foster uptake and implementation.