European Network for the Assessment of Imaging in Medicine

In response to a need for evidence for the rational use of imaging technology, EIBIR established the European Network for the Assessment of Imaging in Medicine (EuroAIM), to systematically assess radiological technology and seek evidence for its best use in clinical practice.

During the European Congress of Radiology 2010, EuroAIM promoted a European Working Group for Evidence-Based Radiology (EBR). The background of reference for this group was a paper called “Evidence-based radiology: why and how?“.

The key questions to be answered by the working group are:

  • Why evidence-based radiology?
  • What happens if evidence-based medicine is applied to radiology?
  • Is the request of imaging examinations from clinicians evidence-based?
  • What is the level of evidence of interventional procedures performed by radiologists?
  • Are radiologists represented in the authorship of secondary evidence on imaging and radiological procedures?
  • Are radiologists represented in the authorship of guidelines concerning imaging and radiological procedures?
  • Is the use of high-tech radiological equipment evidence-based?
  • How can the evidence on diagnostic performance of imaging modalities be easily and rapidly evaluated for specific clinical indications?

Curious to know more about the activities of the Evidence-Based Radiology Working Group?

Guidelines Evaluation

The EuroAIM Joint Intiative has started a project on the evaluation of the quality of guidelines involving imaging using the AGREE II tool. This project is possible thanks to the close cooperation of the Subspecialty Societies of the European Society of Radiology.

The papers are published as Open Access in Insights into Imaging.

Below, is a list of reports already published:

For further information on EuroAIM please contact the initiative Director, Professor Francesco Sardanelli.