Guidance for GDPR and proposal for an EU HTA regulation

The European Commission recently adopted two documents of relevance to health research. A guidance to facilitate a direct and smooth application of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as published. The Commission also adopted a proposal to reinforce cooperation amongst EU Member states in Health Technology Assessment (HTA).


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EC unveils Horizon Europe as name of FP9 Funding programme

While the European Commission continues to iron out the details of the next framework progamme, it has already decided on a name: Horizon Europe. According to figures released by the EU Budget Commissioner in May 2018, the proposed budget for Horizon Europe will be almost €100 billion, including Euratom. This is a substantial increase on funding in Horizon 2020 (€77 Billion) but the final figure is still subject to approval of the Member States and Parliament.


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European Commission publishes proposal for Horizon Europe Funding programme

The Horizon Europe funding programme (2021-2027) will be implemented through three pillars, with the Societal Challenges & LEIT from Horizon 2020 merged into the second pillar, which will also include large EU-wide "moonshot" missions The three Horizon Europen Pillars will be: 1. Open Science (€25.8bn), supporting projects driven by researchers themselves 2. Global Challenges and Industrial Competitiveness (€52.7bn), supporting research related to societal challenges, reinforces industrial capacities, and sets missions with ambitious goals tackling our biggest problems 3. Open Innovation (€13.5bn), aiming to make Europe a frontrunner in market-creating innovation


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