European Commission publishes proposal for Horizon Europe Funding programme

The Horizon Europe funding programme (2021-2027) will be implemented through three pillars, with the Societal Challenges & LEIT from Horizon 2020 merged into the second pillar, which will also include large EU-wide "moonshot" missions The three Horizon Europen Pillars will be: 1. Open Science (€25.8bn), supporting projects driven by researchers themselves 2. Global Challenges and Industrial Competitiveness (€52.7bn), supporting research related to societal challenges, reinforces industrial capacities, and sets missions with ambitious goals tackling our biggest problems 3. Open Innovation (€13.5bn), aiming to make Europe a frontrunner in market-creating innovation


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EIBIR Launches Strategic Research Agenda for Biomedical Imaging

We have recently published our Strategic Research Agenda for Biomedical Imaging. It presents current challenges in healthcare and highlights how innovative biomedical imaging can help address them. The strategic research agenda aims to encourage research funding mechanisms to include biomedical imaging. It was developed in collaboration with our shareholders representing scientific societies related to biomedical imaging, as well as EIBIR's Scientific Advisory Board.


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Research management services and networking at ECR 2019

Come and visit the expert team of the European Institute for Biomedical Imaging Research in the EIBIR Lounge in the main entrance hall and discover new perspectives of research management support. Benefit from our networking event and get inspired by the success stories of EIBIR-supported projects directly from the scientific minds behind them. Join the EIBIR Coffee &Talk Session to learn more about EU-funding and good practices.


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