Virtual Clinical Trial Unit

Conduct your clinical study with the support of EIBIR’s new virtual clinical trial unit (vCTU). The EIBIR vCTU is coordinated by Prof. Myriam Hunink from Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Read more here.

Introductory bonus

Active EIBIR members can participate for free, and help us shape and fine-tune the procedures of the EIBIR vCTU.

With the vCTU, EIBIR offers extensive support for both the design/preparation phase, as well as the execution phase of your clinical studies. By leveraging the knowledge from international expert consultants, EIBIR can maximise your study’s potential.

The current state-of-the-art in clinical evaluation of diagnostic imaging tests is to perform multicentre studies. Such studies are often complex to design, conduct and manage, in part due to their administrative burden. The EIBIR vCTU is able to help you manage these tasks.

EIBIR Service

EIBIR provides creative, tailored solutions for clinical study design and management at reasonable costs. The focus and specific expertise of the EIBIR vCTU lies on studies for the clinical evaluation of diagnostic imaging tests. Diagnostic imaging evaluation includes studies assessing the technical or diagnostic performance, clinical usefulness, benefits, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness.

You can view a detailed list of the services offered by the EIBIR vCTU here

Additionally, EIBIR also has the ability to collect and manage all data for the study using the EIBIR Electronic Data Capture Platform (more info available at


Due to the highly individual nature of clinical studies, costs will be evaluated separately for each study. Get in touch with us to evaluate the best options for you.

Apply now for support from EIBIR’s virtual Clinical Trial Unit by filling out the support request form here.