Proposal Preparation

EIBIR is pleased to support its Active Network Members in developing collaborative project proposals for submission to the European Commission’s various funding calls.*

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Submission of project idea and pre-proposal check

  • A brief summary of your project idea, including a reference to the relevant call, is submitted to the EIBIR Scientific Director to allow an expert evaluation of the project idea by the Scientific Advisory Board for approval of EIBIR’s support.
  • Critical feedback on the project idea by EIBIR’s Scientific Advisory Board will be provided.

Consortium formation and communication

  • Support in consortium definition, industry participation, etc.
  • Organisation/hosting of electronic meetings via the “GoTo Meeting” tool (including meeting minutes).
  • Provision of meeting space (if required) at the EIBIR headquarters in Vienna/AT (up to 20 people).

Proposal writing and budget planning

  • Preparation of a suitable proposal template, including a detailed description of the partner input requirements.
  • Partner input coordination and collection.
  • Advice on management and work package structures.
  • Draft support for Project Management and Dissemination sections.
  • Contact with the EC and National Contact Points for feedback.
  • Critically, monitoring the proposal adherence to EC guidelines and relevant deadlines.
  • Partner guidance regarding EC requirements.
  • Coordination and support regarding budget preparation.

Document polishing

  • Expert input at every stage of the proposal development, from the initial assessment to the final polish.
  • Final review of the completed proposal by an experienced scientific writer with knowledge of the European Commission requirements and European research landscape.
  • Language editing by a native English speaker with a science background.

Uploading project on the EC system

  • Creation of the project in the EC’s online proposal system (EPSS/ECAS) and managing the proposal upload using the online submission tool.

Next steps
Upon the successful evaluation of your proposal, EIBIR will be your project partner for project management and, if suitable, for the dissemination of your project. The project will receive an invitation for negotiation, and we will guide you through all phases of the contract negotiation period.

* Proposal requests received no later than 6 months before the first submission deadline are guaranteed full EIBIR support for their project, conditional on positive evaluation by the EIBIR Scientific Advisory Board. Additionally, to include EIBIR as a project partner, proposals should also be received 6 months before the first submission deadline. In both instances, EIBIR involvement is subject to evaluation by the Scientific Advisory Board and the opportunity for EIBIR to become an active participant in the project if successfully funded. Moreover, the provision of EIBIR services is subject to time and resources availability.

Please note that EIBIR does not assume responsibility for the scientific content of the proposal. This needs to be prepared by the consortium partners and coordinated by the project’s Scientific Coordinator. EIBIR will assist the consortium in writing all other proposal sections and will also support language editing and the proposal layout.