What is the best outcome you can expect from your project without a considered communication strategy?

An essential component of European research projects is their communication and dissemination. Research, its potential beneficial outcomes, and its positive impact on society, is of significant interest to the public, and research transparency and open communication are strongly encouraged by the European Commission (download document).

EIBIR can offer you a tailored communication strategy for your project. In consultation with you, our mission is to spread knowledge for the benefit of society and to improve the general understanding of the importance of research.

How do we do this?
In our experience communication is most effective when it is targeted and focused. Some of our services include:

  • Production and circulation of press releases
  • Website design and maintenance, including frequent news updates
  • Dissemination of promotional materials including flyers and posters
  • Project representation at relevant scientific meetings and public events
  • Dialogue initiation with the scientific community and the general public
  • Development of project-related corporate identity
  • Organisation of seminars, meetings and workshops

Who is involved?
All communication activities are carried out in consultation with you. We are sensitive to the significance of scientific IP and no information will be released without prior consultation and your permission.

When does the communication happen?
Your project concept, and subsequently your research outcomes, should be communicated as early as possible. Regular communication is encouraged throughout the project.

Where does the information get circulated?
EIBIR has an established, extensive network. Through the broad landscape of our Network Members, Shareholder Organisations, Joint Initiatives, Industry Partners and Media Contacts, your research will be widely and rapidly communicated.