EC Reporting

As your project management partner, we coordinate the entire European Commission (EC) reporting process. We closely adhere to the EC reporting guidelines and ensure a timely submission of all reports.

On Time, Everytime
We inform each partner when project reports are due. Appreciating that you have many demands on your time we provide sufficient notice and ensure that all reports are submitted to the EC on time.

Report Preparation
To reduce the demands on your time we provide report templates to each partner which include clear, concise instructions on what information is required. We act as the central collection point for all partner contributions, which we subsequently combine into a single document.

We leverage our knowledge of the EC requirements and European research landscape to ensure the report is consistent with the EC guidelines. Language is checked by a native English speaker with a scientific background.

Online Report Submission
All reports have to be submitted via the European Commission Authentication System (ECAS), the EC’s online tool. We take responsibility for this task on behalf of all the partners.

As the communication point between you and the EC, we coordinate your responses to the Commission’s questions to facilitate report approval. We are always available to answer your questions should any arise during the reporting period.