Contract Negotiation

Following the successful evaluation of your project proposal, the European Commission (EC) will invite you for contract negotiations. As your project management partner, EIBIR will lead and/or coordinate these negotiations, relieving you of the time consuming administrative burden.


      You will receive an evaluation summary report, usually containing the reviewers’ recommendations for changes to the proposal.  
      EIBIR will organise a meeting (possibly virtual) for the project partners to consider how to best address the reviewers’ remarks.  
      Once the changes have been agreed upon, and incorporated into the proposal document, EIBIR will take responsibility for the submission of the document via the EC’s online system.  
      The project will then be invited to a negotiation meeting with a EC representative to discuss how the recommended changes have been addressed. The EIBIR coordinator will lead the negotiations on your behalf.  
      Following EC’s final approval there is a period of agreement signing. These contracts will clearly outline the partners’ obligations, will address IP issues, etc. EIBIR will coordinate the distribution of these documents to all partners, and will take responsibility for signature collection and final submission of the documents to the EC.