Why engage EIBIR’s support?

Expert Assessment and Critical Feedback
Your proposal will benefit from expert assessment and critical feedback from a Senior Scientific Director and a Scientific Board – people who understand your research.

Our Focus on Biomedical Imaging
After several years in the industry we have collectively accrued a significant amount of experience in the field of Biomedical Imaging research funding. By focusing our efforts on this single, in itself multidisciplinary, field, we are in a stronger position to knowledgably support you in your proposal preparation and project management.

Save Time
We are aware you already have many demands on your time. By assuming the responsibility of coordinating the proposal and report writing, we relieve you of many time consuming administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on your research instead.

Everything we do is in confidence. All the information you send to us is treated as confidential. You can trust us to know when we can make minor changes without having to trouble you, but also to know when changes to the proposal or report will require consultation with you.