European Imaging Biomarkers Alliance

The European Imaging Biomarkers Alliance (EIBALL) is a subcommittee of the European Society of Radiology (ESR). The activities of the former ESR Subcommittee on Imaging Biomarkers, ESR Working Group on Personalised Medicine and ESR-EORTC Working Group were merged into EIBALL.


EIBALL has requested EIBIR’s support for its operational activities, and operates as an EIBIR Joint Initiative since March 2016, with Siegfried Trattnig (Vienna/AT) acting EIBALL’s Joint Initiative Director.

The EIBIR Joint Initiative acts as EIBALL’s operational arm, while EIBALL ESR subcommittee would be the strategic arm, as EIBALL is not a legal entity and can only play an advisory role.

One of EIBALL’s first activities is to list core institutions in Europe in which imaging biomarker development and studies are performed or feasible, and development of network of such collaborating institutions. An imaging facility database for potential sites in multicentre clinical trials will make the initiation phase of trials by EORTC more efficient

EIBALL’s objectives are:

  • Coordinate European research activities concerning imaging biomarkers
  • Summarise activities and projects in the field of imaging biomarkers
  • Become the go-to platform for information about current imaging biomarker research projects, clinical studies and educational activities
  • Report about European projects and calls.
  • Establish a network of European centres of excellence (core institutions) for the implementation and clinical validation of imaging biomarkers
  • Set up an Imaging Biomarker Task Force for standardisation in MRI to achieve standardisation of image acquisition and analysis, implementation of quality assurance measures
  • Define possible imaging biomarkers in different human body regions; oncologic as well as non-oncologic
  • Collaborate closely with QIBA (technical validation synergies) to avoid duplication of development and EORTC (biological validation) to coordinate strategies, find complementarity, and benefit from synergies
  • Organise scientific and education activities related to imaging biomarkers with the support of ESMOFIR and ESMRMB.

Summary of EIBALL’s collaboration with EORTC:

  • Approval by EORTC leadership to have 2 imaging liaisons included on all strategy committees of EORTC disease oriented groups as ex officio members to influence new clinical trials early on and include advanced imaging upstream. Thus, the imaging component could be discussed at an early stage to ensure adequate support when imaging is used as primary endpoint.
  • Three EIBALL steering committee members are active members of the EORTC Imaging Group (one as vice-chair, one as a secretary and one as the former president).
  • EIBALL together with QIBA are both involved in studies using an imaging biomarker as a primary endpoint.

EIBALL is collaborating with EORTC and the European Society of Oncologic Imaging (ESOI) on training future cancer imagers in quantitative imaging with joint educational courses on tumor staging and tumor therapy response assessment through hands-on courses and training in the implementation of imaging in clinical trials.

Similar collaborations are planned with non-oncologic institutions such as in MSK (osteoarthritis, spine degeneration and rheumatology) and cardio-vascular diseases or inflammatory diseases

Summary of collaboration with QIBA:

  • Accreditation of centres for certain quality criteria to perform multicenter trials (similar to EANM) and National Biomarker Development Alliance (NBDA) on Imaging Convergence Site Qualification

Collaboration on standardization of MR ASL (arterial spin labeling):

  • EIBALL has formed a “European Task Force on ASL” within the QIBA PDF-MRI Biomarker Committee, led by Prof. Xavier Golay (UCL, London/UK) which offers joint activities for EIBALL in technical development of imaging biomarkers. The Task Force is currently working on a QIBA Profile detailing MR ASL as a biomarker.

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