Cell Imaging Network

The Cell Imaging Network creates synergies to advance in vivo cell imaging. Cell-based therapies have become a major strategy in modern medicine: living cells are transplanted into a patient and are used to fulfil a variety of different purposes, including as an “active drug”, to replace damaged or degenerated tissue, or as a drug delivery vehicle.

Promising results have been obtained in pre-clinical and clinical studies, however their success rates have been variable and this limits the clinical benefits associated with stem cell therapy. For the development and validation of such cell-based treatment strategies, it is crucial that the fate and action of the administered cells can be monitored in vivo. There is a real need for improved in vivo cell imaging techniques.

The mission of the Cell Imaging Network is to create an integrated network of chemists, biologists, physicists, computer scientists and physicians dedicated to the development and validation of robust imaging tools for in vivo cell imaging. This Joint Initiative aims to promote exchange of knowledge and expertise, and collaboration between research institutes, universities, medical centres and industries involved in cell therapy and cell imaging research.