EIBIR/EORTC Joint Symposium at ECR 2013

“A radiologist with a ruler in his hand is a dangerous person: seeking standardisation in multicenter imaging trials”

EIBIR is delighted to have a close collaboration with its shareholder organisation EORTC. Together we wish to identify and discuss future issues and joint activities on image-based clinical trials.

Within the framework of this collaboration a joint symposium on image-based clinical trials was held at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) in Vienna on Friday 8th March 2013.

Expert invited speakers introduced the day-to-day business of image-based clinical trials, particularly related to a multi-centre study, and presented the challenges and problems associated with key imaging techniques.

An engaged audience learnt about the future potential of imaging biomarkers, and how they will become increasingly important in clinical trials. It was discussed how non-invasive imaging enables associations between therapy and effect, providing both morphological and functional information. It was agreed that these advanced functional techniques undoubtedly hold great promise, but qualifying these imaging biomarkers requires a robust methodology with consideration of numerous factors.