Novel technology that shapes Radiology: IMAGINE 2012

Similar to previous years, the IMAGINE 2012 workshop sessions focused on the development of quantitative imaging biomarkers, computer-aided detection and diagnosis, integrated and interactive visualisation, therapy planning, image-guided interventions and robotics as well as computer-assisted training. They featured innovative technological developments in, among other fields, diagnosis and therapy-planning guidance.

The sessions featured research institutes, university groups and research departments of industrial companies who presented their novel and exciting technological developments in the field of diagnostic and interventional radiology.

In total, 19 out of 62 abstracts were selected by the EIBIR IMAGINE committee for oral presentations, and a further 8 were chosen to participate in a hands-on software demonstration session. In these interactive sessions visitors were able to gain hands-on experience with the novel techniques and tools. 17 abstracts were additionally chosen to present electronic posters.