EIBIR’s Scientific Advisory Board is responsible for defining EIBIR’s long term scientific strategies, deciding on the implementation of specific activities, and offering advice to members related to their research ideas. They have helped to define EIBIR’s scientific strategies for 2012-2014:


  • Establish a working group on image-guided therapy and interventions
  • Develop a virtual platform for imaging-related PhD training programmes
  • Establish a working group on biomarker imaging in non-cancer diseases


  • Collaboration activities with EORTC on imaging-related aspects of clinical trials in oncology (Joint Symposium at ECR 2013)
  • Meeting and discussion with the representatives of the European Commission’s department DG Research, Unit Personalised medicine
  • Discussions with Industry Partners regarding their involvement in, and active contribution to, research projects

Co-shaping the European research agenda

  • Horizon 2020 – statements and position papers to emphasise the importance of health-related research and the role of imaging