“EIBIR opens the door to Europe for us. The EIBIR management is a highly professionalteam, which takes several new European initiatives and performs their co-ordination. We are involved in several activities of Euro-BioImaging; the Biomedical Image Analysis Platform; the EIBIR Summer School on Biomedical Image Analysis and the IMAGINE Workshop at ECR.”

Prof. Paul Suetens, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Leuven/BE


“For my institution it has already paid off being a member of the EIBIR Network. In Sweden, we have managed to find funding for two high profile projects. EIBIR was contributing by the fact that we already have the basic contacts and the way of acting in a network mode.”

Prof. Peter Aspelin, Karolinska University, Stockholm/SE


“EIBIR will make it easier for us to obtain financing for our research projects at the European level. Participating in EIBIR’s Euro-BioImaging has multiplied our opportunities to participate in multicentre and multidisciplinary projects. The EIBIR office provides remarkable value for a small investment.”

Prof. Lluís Donoso, Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, Barcelona/ES


“For our institution, EIBIR is very important because it facilitates and supports co-operation with other research institutions and research groups on an international level and stimulates molecular biology and research projects focusing on basic, translational and clinical science.”

Prof. Christian J. Herold, Chairman, Medical University Vienna/AT


“INEB’s strong expertise in Biomaterials and Bioimaging makes it a unique Centre at the European level operating in the field of Regenerative Medicine. By joining the (EIBIR) network we expect that the establishment of new contacts and collaborations with other members sharing our interests and challenges in the biomedical imaging and pre-clinical studies domains will be facilitated. We see the network as a privileged forum for the exchange of pivotal information and search of opportunities in the domain of biomedical imaging.”

Prof. Mário A. Barbosa, Instituto de Engenharia Biomédica, Porto/PT


“The EIBIR network offers a platform to find and communicate with partners with related as well as complementary research interests, gives updates on interesting meetings, workshops and courses, and provides a possibility for promotion.”

Prof. Klaus Scheffler, Max-Planck-Institut für biologische Kybernetik, Tübingen/DE


“The Medical Image Analysis and Visualization Group of the Computer Vision Laboratory at the ETH Zurich is engaged not only in the development of novel computational analysis techniques for biomedical imaging, but also involved in the translation of the resulting algorithms from the bench to the bedside. The EIBIR network is a very important asset in this process, allowing the full integration of our efforts into the European imaging community. In addition, the Biomedical Imaging Platform of EIBIR offers an integrative frame for continuous discussions and exchange with our colleagues throughout Europe. Finally, EIBIR is instrumental in the preparation and execution of supranational research projects, e.g. within the frames of the 7th Framework of the EC.”

Prof. Gabor Szekely, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich/CH


“Sincrotrone Trieste, who recently became an EIBIR Network Member, envisions a great potential for synergies between its continuously growing life science research community and the EIBIR Network Members.  Through its user programme Sincrotrone Trieste can provide access to its imaging technologies for EIBIR Network Members thus creating a valuable, inter-disciplinary research environment for complementary imaging methods on different length scales.”

Dr. Ralf Hendrik Menk, Sincrotrone Trieste/IT


“Imaging research is development of advanced technology by sophisticated methods. Through EIBIR our researcher may get in contact with other research-groups that use the same methods. Formal co-operation with established EIBIR Network will strengthen application for grants.”

Prof. Jarle Rørvik, University of Bergen/NO


“As a chemist involved in preclinical molecular imaging research, I appreciated the momentum brought by EIBIR in networking groups of complementary specialities and various origins. This effort has led to the initiation of important EU programs and actions among which include ENCITE, COST and Euro-BioImaging. Daily, I enjoy the administrative efficiency of EIBIR and its invaluable support to science.”

Prof. Robert Muller, University of Mons/BE


“EIBIR is of great interest to our institution, as we have now the possibility to access centralized knowledge of other groups’ interests and research lines. The joint initiatives and the projects promoted by EIBIR are a very interesting pool to know what the current and future real interests of Biomedical Imaging research are. As members we can join other experts and therefore share knowledge and avoid repeated efforts. We also think that EIBIR is a very good entrance point for those institutions that are new in the field of biomedical imaging or that want to develop new research lines.”

Dr. Luis Martí-Bonmati, Hospital Quirón, Valencia/ES