EIBIR´s involvement in EU initiative RAMIRI

The EU funded RAMIRI project aimed to deliver a training and networking programme for people involved in planning and managing international research infrastructures within the European Union (and Associated States).

From 2011 EIBIR was involved in the RAMIRI project. Pamela Zolda, Project Manager at EIBIR, was elected as “class representative” for the RAMIRI alumni and was also involved in the preparation of the RAMIRI Handbook which is intended as an introductory instrument for people who need a quick access to the main definitions and references on the major issues related to Research Infrastructures.

ramiri final workshop roundtable dicussionThe project, which was funded by the European Commission under FP7, has recently come to an end. A final workshop was held in Brussels, on the 3-4 April 2013, and Pamela presented at this workshop, on behalf of the alumni. She was also involved in the Round Table Discussion, together with some senior key players in the RAMIRI network and EC representatives.


Although the RAMIRI project has recently ended, the members of the group are looking beyond the end of the project. At the final workshop, the possibility of a follow-up project in the framework of Horizon 2020 was discussed.