Euro-BioImaging - European Research Infrastructure for Imaging Technologies in Biological and Biomedical Sciences

Euro-BioImaging is one of 10 Biological and Medical Sciences Projects included in the roadmap of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI). It is scientifically coordinated by EIBIR (Medical Imaging) and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, EMBL (Biological Imaging).

Euro-BioImaging will meet the imaging requirements of both the biological and medical imaging communities by creating infrastructure facilities (“nodes”) distributed across many European countries. The coordinated and harmonised deployment of imaging infrastructure under one Euro-BioImaging umbrella significantly addresses the fragmentation of such efforts currently present in Europe.


  • Bring together key research areas in biomedical imaging stretching from basic Biological Imaging and Molecular Imaging to the clinical and epidemiological level with Medical Imaging.
  • Create a coordinated and harmonised plan for imaging infrastructure deployment in Europe.
  • Provide access to state of the art imaging technologies, training and continuous development of imaging research technologies to offer them as a service.
  • Via the combination of technological and strategic objectives, Euro-BioImaging will provide key elements of successful infrastructures: supporting pan-European research, training and innovation in biomedical imaging.

During a 3-year Preparatory Phase (which began in December 2010), Euro-BioImaging will develop a plan to construct and operate a set of complementary and strongly interlinked infrastructure facilities appropriately distributed across Europe and assure the commitment of future partners.