Theranostics Imaging and Therapy: An Action to Develop Novel Nanosized Systems for Imaging-Guided Drug Delivery

This 4-year COST Action led by Professor Silvio Aime, Director of EIBIR’s Chemistry Platform, represents a collaboration of experts in chemistry and molecular sciences and technologies from 15 different countries. EIBIR supported the development of this COST Action during the proposal writing phase, the contract negotiations, and handled the administrative issues.

The Action’s focus is to demonstrate the potential of image-guided therapies in the treatment of diseases with high social impact. It brings together the key European research groups working on the development of novel combined diagnostic/therapeutic/theranostic agents.

Crucial aspects of the drug delivery process, in particular regarding the efficiency of drug targeting and release and the relationship of these with the therapeutic effect, will be best understood when applying these technologies in vivo. Properly-designed agents will allow the in vivo quantitative assessment of the amount of drug reaching a pathological region, and the visualisation of molecular changes resulting from the therapeutic effects of the delivered drug.

The implementation of therapies with imaging technologies will provide physicians with extraordinary tools for accelerating the development of molecular and personalised medicines, and thus extend substantially the armoury available in the fight against a range of diseases.

For further information please refer to the Theranostic Imaging website.