OpenAIRE launchs Open Access Funding Scheme for completed FP7 projects

The European Commission has launched a pilot scheme to fund Open Access publications for completed FP7 projects. This will allow authors to apply for reimbursement for Open Access publications related to an already concluded FP7 project (within 2 years of conclusion), with a maximum of three publications per project. This Open Access funding scheme will continue until the total funding of four million Euro is exhausted.
Authors can visit the following website to apply for the funding and check whether their project is eligible:

Below are some of the criteria for the Open Access Pilot:
• The post-grant Open Access Pilot will cover Open Access Article Processing Charges (APCs) for FP7 projects up to two years after they end.

• A maximum of three publications per FP7 project will be funded.

• Funded publications must be peer-reviewed and be made available under a CC-BY licence where possible.

• Publications should be deposited into an OpenAIRE-compliant repository

• Open Access monographs will be eligible for the pilot

• Previously published FP7 publications will not be eligible

• Funded publications must be assigned a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) or equivalent persistent identifier as early as possible in the publication process, ideally when a publication is accepted. In any case, the identifier must be assigned before the invoice gets paid.
• Funded outputs must acknowledge the original FP7 project according to FP7 model grant agreement rules. Additional acknowledgement information on the specific Open Access funding can be added. The acknowledgment must be included in the bibliographic metadata of the deposited publication whenever possible.

• Publications must include a statement where applicable on how underlying research materials, such as research data, samples or models, can be accessed.

This list of criteria is by no means exhaustive and prospective authors should consult the OpenAIRE website or contact their National Open Access Desks for more information.