ECR Programme: EIBIR

Thursday, March 3, 14:00-15:30 – Studio 2016
Joint VPH-PRISM/ASSURE Session – from screening to therapy: innovative breast care concepts

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Chairperson: Horst Hahn

Introduction: challenges and innovative approaches in image-based breast care (10′)
Horst K. Hahn; Bremen/DE

Breast cancer risk, density patterns, and masking in screening mammograms (15′)
Carla van Gils; Utrecht/NL

Novel ultrasound and MRI technologies for breast cancer screening (15′)
Nico Karssemeijer; Nijmegen/NL

Breast Cancer Risk and Masking Risk-based Stratification Protocols: Key drivers of cost-effectiveness (15′)
Ewan Gray; Manchester/UK

Quantitative treatment planning, response prediction, and monitoring
K. Pinker-Domenig; New York, NY/US

Friday, March 4, 14:00-15:30, Room L8
MITIGATE: What does it take to perform clinical trials in interventional radiology?

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Chairpersons: Stefan O. Schönberg; Mannheim/DE, Werner Jaschke; Innsbruck/AT

Introduction (10′)
Stefan O. Schönberg; Mannheim/DE, Werner R. Jaschke; Innsbruck/AT

Overview on clinical trials in interventional radiology in Europe (20′)
Afshin Gangi; Strasbourg/FR

How to implement investigator initiated or industry sponsored trials in interventional oncology:SORAMIC versus SIRFLOX (20′)
Wolf Richter; Berlin/DE

Design of a clinial trial in oligometastatic GIST:
results from the MITIGATE consortium
Clemens Decristoforo; Innsbruck/AT

Discussion (20′)

Friday, March 4, 16:00-17:30, Room L8
Gateway to European funding for research projects

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Chairperson: Gabriel P. Krestin; Rotterdam/NL

Introduction (15′)
Gabriel P. Krestin; Rotterdam/NL

Maximising your chances to obtain European research funding: opportunities, strategies, services (25′)
Pamela Zolda; Vienna/AT

An evaluator’s perspective (20′)
Marc Dewey; Berlin/DE

Success story of a maximum score project in Horizon 2020 (20′)
Christiane K. Kuhl; Aachen/DE

Q & A (10′)

Saturday, March 5, 13:30-15:30, Room Z
The VPH-DARE@IT Project: Delivering a clinical decision support platform for earlier dementia diagnosis

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Moderator: Zeike Taylor

VPH-DARE@IT: towards early, differential diagnosis of
Alejandro Frangi;Sheffield/UK

Clinical platform for data-driven differential diagnostics of
cognitive disorders
Mark van Gils; Tampere/FI

Shared research as a service platform for translating research into clinical practice for dementia (20′)
Susheel Varma; Sheffield/UK

In silico characterisation of white matter microstructure
using diffusion MRI
Leandro Beltrachini; Sheffield/UK

Fluid Transport in the Ageing Brain: An Integrative Modelling Approach(20′)
Yiannis Ventikos; London/UK

Phenomenological modelling and the RSS (20′)
Wiro J. Niessen; Rotterdam/NL

Discussion (10′)