There are three categories of EIBIR membership available which offer organisations with an interest in biomedical imaging a range of services according to the varying financial commitment: Active (€1000), Regular (€200) and Associate (€100). EIBIR membership is valid during the calender year in which the invoice has been issued.

Active Membership is intended for all organisations taking part in, or planning to take part in, one or more research projects coordinated by EIBIR. Organisations who subscribe to the Active Member package enjoy eligibility for free EIBIR support in project proposal writing as well as assistance in consortium building using the EIBIR Network and meeting organisation.

Regular Membership is intended for all organsiations that are interested in actively participating in the EIBIR Network, but who do not intend to take part in an EIBIR-coordinated research project.

Associate Membership is intended for organisations that would like to be informed about EIBIR’s activities, but for the moment do not intend to play an active role in EIBIR’s initiatives and projects.


Terms and Conditions

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