About Us


QUIBIM applies advanced computational models to radiological images to objectively measured the changes produces by a lesion or by a pharmacological treatment, offering additional quantitative information to the qualitative aproach of Radiology. Definitely, QUIBIM provides advanced solutions to an early diagnosis, the lesion grading/phenotyping/staging, the treatment selection/follow-up, in addition to the validation against Clinical Endpoints.

QUIBIM has established a cloud platform (QUIBIM-Precision®) for the analysis of imaging biomarkers through the cloud.

The company is a core reference laboratory of medical image processing and a spin-off of La Fe Polytechnics and University Hospital.

Our Expertise

QUIBIM has a large experience in the analysis of quantitative imaging biomarkers and its integration in structured reports directly into the Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) or through our platform in the cloud. Our customers are innovative medical doctors, researchers in precision medicine and CRO’s. The company has developed and implemented innovative algorithms to analyze a spectrum of imaging biomarkers in different organs and pathologies. All the QUIBIM biomarkers have been validated in the clinical setting, turning into useful parametric information to the diagnosis and monitoring of the higher socioeconomic impact diseases, such as: osteoporosis, cancer, dementia, COPD and diffuse liver diseases, beside others.

What we can offer your consortium

  • Optimization of image acquisition protocols in Medical Imaging equipment (MR, CT, FDG-PET, PiB-PET, US) and cross-calibration in multi-center studies.
  • Image processing to improve quality due to signal heterogeneity, noise and movement artifacts present in the study.
  • Imaging biomarkers quantification.
  • Statistical analysis of both data and images for the interpretation of results.