How can EIBIR support you as an SME?

EIBIR can help you to take advantage of SME-targeted funding opportunities by identifying your needs and connecting you with the right partners from within our extensive network. Further, we can save you precious time by supporting you with your proposal preparation and, if successful in securing EU funding, your project management.

We are aware that as an SME you may be operating under a tight budget and therefore we are pleased to be able to offer you an increased level of service for a reduced cost. Most significantly, your organisation will be eligible to participate in EIBIR co-ordinated research projects.


Membership fee per calendar year

Gold  €10,000

Silver  €5000

SME €1000

Access to the online directory of EIBIR Network institutions

Eligibility for participation in research projects coordinated by EIBIR

Half page research-related advertorial in the EIBIR Annual Scientific Report

Eligibility to become a member of the EIBIR Scientific Advisory Board

One representative on the EIBIR Industry Panel, regular meetings and direct communication with key representatives of EIBIR

Listed as a supporting company on the EIBIR website

Regular information updates on European biomedical imaging research activities and EU funding calls