What is EIBIR?
The European Institute for Biomedical Imaging Research (EIBIR) is a non-profit limited liability company, founded in 2006 by the European Society of Radiology (ESR), and dedicated to the co-ordination of imaging research. EIBIR aims to co-ordinate and support the development of biomedical imaging technologies and the dissemination of knowledge with the ultimate goal of improving diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease.

Who are the people behind EIBIR?
The General Meeting is the decision making body of EIBIR and it is composed of one representative per Shareholder Organisation. EIBIR currently has nine Shareholders, and their diversity emphasises the multidisciplinary nature of biomedical imaging research. The Scientific Advisory Board advises the EIBIR team on all scientific matters and an experienced Management Team run the day-to-day administrative and financial activities of all networking and project-related issues.

Who are the members of the EIBIR network?
EIBIR membership is targeted at research institutes as opposed to individual researchers. One membership for a “parent” organisation such as a University will then include membership for all relevant departments, and their research staff. There are currently over 110 institutions from 21 different countries in the EIBIR Member Network.

How much does it cost to be a member of EIBIR?
There are three different categories of EIBIR membership available – Active, Regular, and Associate – which offer research institutions a range of services according to the varying financial commitment.  The current annual membership fee structure is:

  • Active Member    € 1,000 per year
  • Regular Member    € 200 per year
  • Associate Member   € 100 per year

How long is the membership cycle?
The membership cycle is one year from January 1st – 31st December, regardless of your enrolment date.

What services do I receive as a member of EIBIR?
The services you receive as a member of EIBIR depend on your level of membership. There are three different categories of EIBIR membership available – Active, Regular and Associate – which offer research institutions a range of services according to the varying financial commitment.

At a glance comparison of the different EIBIR membership services.

For further information on the services provided to members please refer to the Network Members page, and the Services section of the EIBIR website.

How do I become a member of EIBIR?
If you are interested in becoming an EIBIR Network Member we invite you to fill in our online application form. If you require support for completing the application form, please refer to the guidelines document.

Can non-European research institutes also join EIBIR?
Non-European research institutes also have the opportunity to become EIBIR members. We welcome your interest in EIBIR and we look forward to increased information exchange and enhanced cooperation with imaging research institutes from all over the world.

As a non-European imaging research institute you can still benefit from all of EIBIR’s member services. We would especially like to emphasise our support for proposal preparation, and subsequent project management for European Commission (EC)-funded projects. International cooperation in EU research and innovation programmes is highly valued by the EC. Cooperation with non-European countries has been an important element of the Framework Programmes so far and international collaboration will continue to be promoted under Horizon 2020.  

If I am not an EIBIR member can I still contract the services of EIBIR?
If you are not an Active Member or an Industry Partner of EIBIR it is still possible to contract EIBIR for professional support in consortium composition, proposal writing and project management. Our fee structure varies dependent on the nature of the proposal and the project. Please refer to our full list of service costs.

How can I apply for EIBIR support for my grant proposal?
EIBIR is pleased to support its Active Network Members in developing project proposals for submission to the EC’s various funding calls. Non-members are also welcome to benefit from this service, please refer to the relevant cost description. To see if your project is eligible for EIBIR support, we ask you to provide us with a brief summary of your project idea, including a reference to the relevant call. This is then reviewed by EIBIR’s Scientific Director and Scientific Advisory Board, who provide an expert evaluation of the project idea for approval of EIBIR’s support. Critical feedback on your project idea will be provided.

As an industry how can we get involved with EIBIR?
Since its establishment in 2006, EIBIR has received support payments from a core group of industry partners. There are currently three Industry Partnership Packages available which offer industry partners a range of different services according to the varying financial commitment (ranging between €1000 and €10,000).

At a glance comparison of the different EIBIR industry partnership packages.

How do I become an industry partner of EIBIR?
If you are interested in becoming an EIBIR Industry Partner we would be delighted to talk with you. Please get in touch with us on +43-1-533-4064-13 or email us the EIBIR office. We look forward to hearing from you.  

What is a Joint Initiative?
EIBIR currently supports five Joint Initiatives, which represent interdisciplinary groups working towards a common, bioimaging-focused, research goal. These groups set ambitious targets and have highly active members who regularly contribute. They aim to promote the exchange of knowledge and expertise between research institutes, universities, medical centres and industry. Specific activities within the joint initiative groups include the initiation, coordination and support of collaborative research efforts, the organisation of workshops and symposia, training and education of young scientists through exchange programmes and summer schools, as well as the sharing of state-of-the art equipment.

How can I join or start a Joint Initiative?
If you are interested in joining one of EIBIR’s existing Joint Initiatives please refer to their specific pages in the Joint Initiatives section of the website and contact the Initiative Director. 
Or perhaps you have an idea for a new working group?  Please get in touch with us on +43-1-533-4064-13 or email us at the EIBIR office.