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Image courtesy of Peter Friedl, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre/NL.

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Brain image courtesy of García-Marti G. and Martí-Bonmatí L., Radiology Department, Hospital Quirón Valencia, Valencia/ES.

“High resolution morphometric map showing gray matter abnormalities in patients with mild cognitive impairment compared to healthy control subjects.”

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Image courtesy Image courtesy of Martin Hüllner and Patrick Veit-Haibach, Department of Medical Imaging, Division of Nuclear Medicine, University Hospital Zurich/CH.

“99mTc-DPD-SPECT/CT of the pelvis in transparent 3D volume rendering display. The image shows the pelvic skeleton (white) of a patient with radionuclide uptake (red) due to degenerative changes in both sacroiliac joints, in the pubic symphysis on the right side, and in various spots in the lower lumbar spine. The right sacroiliac joint was recently fused by implantation of three metal rods (blue).”

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Image courtesy of Dr. Susana Munoz Maniega of the Brain Research Imaging Centre (BRIC, at The University of Edinburgh/UK

“Brain white matter generated from diffusion MRI of a Lothian Birth Cohort 1936 participant.”

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Scientific activities

Biomedical Image Analysis Platform:
Image courtesy of Hortense Kirisli, Biomedical Imaging Group, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam/NL

“Screenshot of the SMARTVis tool for CTA/SPECT fusion. Example of 2D and 3D a patient with significant disease in the Left Anterior Descending artery. There is correspondence between the stenosic region (red part of the vessel) and myocardial perfusion defect (pink regions on the polar map).”

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Cancer Imaging Platform
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Chemistry Platform
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Cell Imaging Network
Image courtesy of Bettina Weigelin and Peter Friedl, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre/NL. This image and was also published in the Cell Picture Show on Cancer.

“Collective invasion of B16/F10 melanoma cells into mouse dermis, detected by infrared multiphoton microscopy. Tumor cells expressing E2-Crimson are (false-colored) green, and muscle fibers expressing GFP appear orange. Nerve fibers and collagen are blue (third harmonic) and grey (second harmonic), respectively. Blood vessels are labeled with AlexaFluor660-dextran in red.”

1) Image courtesy of scientific partners from the HAMAM project consortium

“Wavelet-filtering of mammographic images for the accentuation of relevant breast tissues. Left: enhanced image, right: original unfiltered mammography.”

2) Image courtesy of scientific partners from the HAMAM project consortium

“The HAMAM workstation showing a multi-modal computer aided detection breast case. Breast ultrasound and mammography are presented simultaneously with a single reading session. All images are spatially correlated, enabling the cursor to be synchronized across modalities. An automatically detected lesion is indicated in both modalities by the red outline.”