Pamela Zolda, Project Manager

Pamela Zolda holds a PhD in Biology from the University of Vienna, Austria, where she worked as Assistant Professor and, apart from her scientific work and education, managed research projects on a national and international level. In June 2009, she joined the EIBIR team as Project Manager of the Euro-BioImaging infrastructure project, in which she is still involved.

Pamela has prepared a number of FP7 (VPH-PRISM, MITIGATE) and H2020 (HYPMED, LUCA) proposals. Currently she is EIBIR`s senior partner in three H2020 projects (HYPMED, LUCA, SOLUS) and also acts as the EIBIR representative at various high-level stakeholder meetings at political and scientific level.

Email Pamela, or phone +43-1-533-4064-538